Best Products to Export From India to Dubai

Product Export From Dubai India and Dubai enjoy a strong trade relationship, with India exporting a variety of goods to Dubai. The selection of the “best” products may be influence by a number of variables, including trade regulations, consumer demand, and financial circumstances. The following goods, as of my most recent knowledge update in January 2022, have been frequently exported from India to Dubai: 

1.   Electronic Products:

In addition to 62 million dollars’ worth of other electronics, including nuclear reactors, sound recorders, television images, and other items, India sold the UAE about 700 million dollars’ worth of boilers and machinery last year. Product Export From Dubai These export goods from India to Dubai are highly sought after, among other things. Best Product Export From Dubai

2. Clothing:

Sewn and unstitched clothing is one of the best products to export from India to Dubai. For many nations, India and the United Arab Emirates are the top producers of clothing and accessories. In the previous year, the UAE imported goods valued at about 2000000 dollars for stitched items and 1600000 dollars for unstitched items. Best Product Export From Dubai

3. Textiles :

The UAE receives the majority of the $120 billion in exports, which account for more than 15% of total production. This percentage is probably going to increase to 25% or more in the upcoming year. the fact that both production and sales have a sizable profit margin. Silk and Khadi textiles are very popular.

Best Product Export From Dubai

4. Automobiles and Auto Components:

         India exports automobiles, auto parts, and components to various markets, including Dubai.

Best Product Export From Dubai

5. Leather and Leather Goods:

 India exports leather products, including footwear and accessories, to Dubai.

Best Product Export From Dubai

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